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With the MIWE smartproofTM, the many advantages of in-store baking can now be combined with a precisely controlled long-time dough method, providing all the aromatic and energy-efficient advantages possible only with this exact combination.
The individual steps
  • The procedure starts with dough processing that is modulated according to the procedure and the desired product quality.
  • Next, the dough pieces, which have been stored on boards, are led into the MIWE SF-D for fast cooling. his stage is the centrepiece of the entire procedure.
    The guaranteed fermentation and dough piece stability that are so important for the entire process are ensured here – even in large quantities and with continuous operation. he innovative air conduction with defined linear suction flow is also gentle on the products and helps to prevent excessive drying.
    An internal temperature sensor for control and monitoring provides necessary production reliability.
  • The dough pieces reach their full aroma when they are stored at low, above-freezing temperatures in the MIWE GV smartproofTM.
  • Because the stackable board acts a cold air reservoir, the dough pieces can be delivered to the shops without active cooling.
  • During the rest of the standing time in the shop, additional cooling is generally not needed (only in the case of extremely long times is a cooling option recommended).
  • MIWE smartproofTM can handle a total timeframe of up to 36 hours until baking without loss of quality.